Reporting Facebook Conversions (Accurately)

Confused by your conversion data on Facebook? Seeing data trickle in or maybe conversions are missing from your insights? Facebook reports all conversions as a “Conversion,” whether it’s a View Through Conversion or a Direct Conversion; Facebook does not differentiate like Google does. So that’s why it’s important to set the “Attribution Window” appropriately and leave yourself the right amount of time if trying to match up conversions with Google Analytics or a client’s CRM data. 

How Facebook Defines Conversions:

Facebook bundles everything into the one “Conversion” metric. The default attribution model is this:

– User Viewed Ad and Converted Within 1 Day

– User Clicked Ad and Converted Within 28 Days

To adjust this, go to your Ads Manager, click on “Columns” and select “Customize Columns.”

Facebook Customize Columns


In the bottom right hand side of this menu you will see what the Attribution Window is currently set to with the option to adjust it.

Facebook Attribution Window


Set your Attribution Window appropriately, give the campaigns the same amount of time to sync up with your Analytics or client back-end system and your reporting headaches should be gone!


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